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The Salome Sisterhood

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The Salome Sisterhood

The Salome Sisterhood is a movement  to delve into the depths of ancient wisdom, discovering the profound mysteries of birth rituals, herbal lore, and the transformative power inherent in the rite of passage of pregnancy and childbirth. Named after Salome the Midwife present when Mary gave birth to Jesus, a wise woman. A revered woman.

The Salome Sisterhood comes together in a spirit of reverence and sisterhood. Each member brings her own unique journey, her own stories woven into the rich tapestry of womanhood. Some are mothers, others not, but all are united by a shared curiosity and a deep longing to reconnect with the ancient rhythms of life.

In the heart of their sacred circle, is the sharing of teachings passed down through generations. The herbs that have been used for millennia to ease the pains of labour, to strengthen the body, and to welcome new life into the world. We invite you to inhale their fragrant essence and to feel the connection to generations past.

We will learn of the sacred rituals practiced by ancestors, rituals that honoured the divine feminine and celebrated the miracle of birth. We will hear of the importance of ceremony, of creating sacred space, and of calling upon the spirits of the earth and sky to guide and protect the mother and child.

But beyond the practical knowledge of herbs and rituals, the Salome Sisterhood also delves into the deeper mysteries of pregnancy and birth. Exploring the spiritual significance of bringing new life into the world, of the profound transformation that occurs when a woman becomes a mother. They honour the strength and resilience of the female body, marvelling at its ability to nurture and sustain life.

Join with us in a  sense of awe and wonder . You are not merely students of ancient wisdom but guardians of a sacred legacy, entrusted with the knowledge and the power to usher in new life with grace and reverence.

The Salome Sisterhood begins to gather,  finding not only knowledge and guidance but also love, support, and sisterhood—a bond that transcends time and space, connecting them to the generations of women who have walked this path before them.

Join us today and get a free PDF on the uses of the Red Thread throughout history and in the modern day!

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